FieldMax® CPG

The pace of the business environment has changed so much that your sales team needs to have access to information at the fingertip. The ease of data access will decide their success in the market to take mission-critical decisions on the move. FieldMax® mobility application empower your sales team to these critical data which was previously locked in MS excel sheets and central ERP solutions thereby increasing the productivity and customer service quality.

FieldMax® CPG application meets the business requirements of the modern day sales and distribution organisation. Tailor made for the fast moving consumer goods industry, FieldMax® FMCG application connects the field sales team with distributor team to digitally network the foot on field sales team with corporate HO in real-time . Faster data exchange between the sales and supply chain network makes sure the objective of market engagement are met. FieldMax® provides in hand information to the field personnel assisting him to take informed and mission-critical decisions thus enabling faster sales closure and minimal lead time.

What you are worried about:

  • Are my customer visits effective?
  • Prospect to sales conversion rate?
  • How quickly am I reacting to the customer?
  • What is happening beyond our distributors?
  • Is the sales team fully equipped on the field?
  • Are we having too many inactive customers?
  • Am I right stocking my Van?
  • Who is buying what and when?
  • Are the right customers being met?
  • Where and who are our end customers?
  • Can I reduce my warehouse/factory inventory?
  • How much of my stock is running in the market?

Business Benefit:

  • Updated sales and market practises: With FieldMax® the team can configure the application to mandatorily follow the accepted and innovative business practices followed by the organisation. This results in ensuring maximum productivity and adherence to organisational norms at the same time increasing the quality of the sales calls.
  • Visit plan and route optimisation: By utilising the tour program schedule/personal journey plan (PJP) the sales team can optimise the daily travel plan based on potential business value, prospective customer profile in the route etc. The user can also see the location coordinates of the customer, thus assisting the team for effective travel plan and cut down non-productive calls and cost burden. Our customers have registered almost 21% increase in retail visit coverage through the effective use of route optimisation techniques.
  • Sales ordering and Inventory updates: Based on the customer profile and past transaction history, FieldMax® can suggest the sales order size and inventory holding. This helps the sales person for better sales order execution and improved sales engagement. Coupled with customer MIS and visit planning, FieldMax® customers saw an increase of average 7-8% of sales order booking through an average of 25-35 customer visit per day.
  • Data exchange with ERP/Billing: Options for data exchange, between FieldMax® and in-house ERP application, makes the manual data entry and other related tasks easier for execution. This reduces the latency in decision making and acts as a Decision Support System (DSS). FieldMax® can also be interfaced with Distributor Management Systems (DMS).
  • Larger In-store data: Salesforce captures larger in-store data with regard to competition, complaints, feedback, Planogram, merchandising which helps and define the quality of the sales call. The application also helps the ground team to drive better sales through its unique features such as focus product, schemes and discounts, must sell category during his sales engagement at customer point.
  • Analytics and reports: Deviating from the traditional methods of CRM and MS Excel data consolidation and report generation, FieldMax® application enables the sales team to analyse his performance at the end of the day through the mobile application itself. The key indicators can be defined and application shall compare the performance on a transaction level to give updated and real-time information to the individual and team about his performance. This helps the team plan accurately about the follow-up activity to meet the targets.