India based lubricants manufacturer goes live with FieldMax

Posted 21 September 2012

An India based manufacturer of  Automotive and industrial lubricants has deployed FieldMax to automate its sales operations. With the roll out of FieldMax, the sales team which is spread accross India  performs their daily business reporting through FieldMax.  The operations team at different locations have been provided access to the Fieldmax Office web application that enables the team to process the sales orders captured from the field and generate the required operational reports.

Rapidly growing Health & Wellness products manufacturer signs up Android version of FieldMax

Posted 07 August 2013

A fast growing health & wellness products company signs up FieldMax to automate its field sales and distribution operations and better service their rapidly growing retailer base. With very fast growing operations, the client is on an aggressive growth path, adding new distribution and retail channels almost on a daily basis.

One of the major business challenges faced by the client was effective monitoring of the sales team’s field activities. With more number of sales personnel now covering a larger sales territory, the client’s management team found an increasing disconnect between the sales activities reported and the actual sales performance at the end of each month. The time taken to consolidate the data and generate accurate sales figures was another concern for the client’s marketing department. To overcome these pain points and to sustain the current growth rate, the client wanted to implement a mobile based sales force automation tool for its rapidly growing field sales team.

The client chose Experion’s enterprise sales management solution, FieldMax, for two reasons:

(1) For the comprehensive set of features offered by the product and
(2) For being quickly able to implement with minimum upfront investments

The solution will be used by the client to primarily monitor the sales force effectiveness of its existing 50+ sales team, besides managing retail and wholesale operations across different sales territories.

The Android version of FieldMax Mobile will be used by the client to complete various field activities such as capturing orders, update payment collection status, submit travel expenses, location tracking, track product growth in target markets among other objectives. The location stamp of each activity done through the application is also captured, using GPS feature of the mobile device. The web based FieldMax Office solution will be used by the operations team to process sales orders and to schedule deliveries. Since the entire sales reporting process is automated, the client’s management team get an in-depth and up-to-date reports on sales performance of sales personnel, sales regions, retail outlets and products.

Premium brand in office and school stationeries selects FieldMax for Sales and Order Management

Posted 26 April 2013

One of India’s oldest and most reputed brands in office and school stationeries has chosen Experion’s mobile based Sales and Order Management solution, FieldMax, to manage its sales force in one of its key territories. With more than a five decades of experience in the Indian market, the client’s products are well known across the country for quality and precision.

The field sales team which handles the premium brands of the client will use FieldMax Mobile to capture information such as order details and competitor information using the application installed on their Android mobile devices. This replace the less efficient and time consuming manual process of writing down the details on daily sales reports and later faxing it to the headquarters. Using FieldMax, the details captured are instantly sent to the headquarters for further processing. FieldMax Mobile also allows sales personnel to access information such as stock availability, latest price details, schemes and outstanding credit balances using the mobile application. Additionally, administrative tasks such as attendance marking, leave applications and expense reporting are also managed through the mobile application.

The information captured using mobile application is made available to the head office staff in real time using the web based FieldMax Office application. This eliminates the need to manually enter and consolidate order information from different territories/ field sales personnel. The operations and delivery team can instantly process the order and schedule product desptach, reducing the order-to-delivery cycle time and improving the overall cash flow. Once of the biggest advantages for implementing FieldMax is that the solution can be integrated with backend systems such as ERP and accounting systems for seamless data exchange.

The analytics module in FieldMax Office provides the sales and management team with detailed insights into sales performance. With no manual intervention, the management team can quickly get valuable reports such as daily sales reports, brand/ product wise sales figures, territory wise sales performance, etc. to make intelligent decisions and to steer sales.

Pioneer in Organic Foods selects FieldMax for Sales and Distribution Management

Posted 17 April 2013

A market leader in organic foods has chosen Experion’s enterprise mobility solution, FieldMax, for sales and distribution management. The client manufactures and markets branded organic food products (spices & condiments, breakfast cereals, etc.) through exclusive outlets across India. Apart from its exclusive stores, the client’s products are available in multiple cities in India and abroad through more than thousand retail stores.

FieldMax will be used by over 100 sales staff across India for sales promotion in Modern Trade and for order and distribution management in General Trade. Both the Java and Android versions of FieldMax Mobile will be used by sales personnel to capture sales and order details from the field. Data captured from the field using the mobile application will be made available to the client’s marketing and operations teams through web based FieldMax Office component in real time. The dashboards and in-depth reports available in FieldMax Office will be used by the client’s management team to plan sales strategies and to assess the success of promotion campaigns.

Personal & beauty care products manufacturer selects FieldMax for sales force automation

Posted 07 January 2013

One of the leading skin and hair care brands headquartered in India has chosen Experion’s mobile based solution, FieldMax, for sales force automation. With a market presence across India and Middle East, the client manages its sales and distribution reach through a network of own and distributor field sales team.

With the introduction of FieldMax, the client’s field staff will collect orders from retail points using FieldMax mobile client, which runs on regular feature phones (Java version) as well as smart phones and tablets (Android version). Order details collected from the field are sent to the web based FieldMax office application in real time over GPRS/ 3G network (the mobile client also offers offline storage and synching capabilities to overcome network issues). The operations and delivery team uses the order details for scheduling and actual delivery of stock to retail outlets.

Apart from streamlining the field sales and order management processes, FieldMax provides the management and sales team of client with real time visibility and absolute control over field operations. The application provides dashboards and analytical reports to actively track field performance and take faster decisions.