Leading Pet Food & Pet Care company opts for FieldMax for field order management

Posted 18 May 2012

A leading Pet Food & Pet care product company in India has signed up to use FieldMax, Experion's Order Management Solution, for streamlining its sales and distribution process. Headquartered in New Delhi, the client employs more than 50 employees across the country and has been in existence since 1995. Through more than 10 years of service, the client has risen to an expert in importing and exporting branded products and leader in Pet Food &  Pet Care products. With the implementation of SaaS version of FieldMax, the client is expected to optimise its order management process and enhance field sales productivity.

Leading food and beverages brand chooses FieldMax for improving sales and distribution processes

Posted 22 May 2013

A leading food and beverage brand owning refreshment and water based drinks has chosen FieldMax to improve its sales and distribution processes. Apart from its own products the client promotes some of the leading products in the global food and beverage industry.

FieldMax would be initially rolled out to some of the key distributors of the client for active tracking of sales performance. One of the critical requirement satisfied by the FieldMax is that it can be easily integrated with the billing systems used by the distributors. The earlier attempt by the client to introduce a sales order management solution was not successful since since the system could not be interfaced with distributor billing application and distributors had to input billing information in two different systems.

With the implementation of FieldMax, the field sales personnel of the distributors will be using FieldMax Mobile application to collect sales orders from the field. The order information is accessed by the backend staff of the distributor using web based FieldMax Office application. As sales orders are available in real time, the distributor personnel can instantly process the order and raise the invoice. This results in a significant improvement in sales to delivery cycle time.

One of the most important benefits that the client will achieve through the implementation of FieldMax is that the sales and marketing division can access up to date information from the field through the system. Effective drill down reports can provide critical information on performance of distributors, sales personnel, sales territories, brands and products. Various productivity indicators provided by the system can also be used to improve overall sales processes.

Global Manufacturer of consumer healthcare products signs up FieldMax

Posted 18 May 2012

Experion Technologies is proud to welcome its latest FieldMax customer into our family- a 44 year old manufacturer of consumer healthcare products with direct presence in 70 countries worldwide. The customer is one among the largest manufacturer of fast moving consumer healthcare products for Birth Control, Blood Bags, Sutures, Syringes and Vaccines.

Our customer chose FieldMax to harness several benefits offered by the solution. FieldMax will automate our customer's distribution processes, empowering their field staff to access product/ inventory information and optimize delivery schedules. Equally important for this customer were the analytics capabilities provided by FieldMax Office, which equipped their corporate office to monitor sales force productivity and expense management.

FieldMax to streamline sales processes of a leading baby foods manufacturer based in India

Posted 30 April 2013

A leading baby foods manufacturer based in India has selected FieldMax – Experion’s mobile based field sales automation solution for improving sales activities. With more than two decades of experience in the market category, the company manufactures and markets natural baby foods products for various age groups through retail outlets spread across India.

Once FieldMax is implemented, direct sales staff of the client will take sales orders using FieldMax Mobile application loaded on tablet devices, instead of the existing paper/ fax based process. The mobile application also allows the sales staff to capture market inputs (e.g. competitor information) and input administrative data (e.g. leave, expenses) easily. The information captured using the tablet application is instantly made available to the head office team using web based FieldMax Office application.

As order details are consolidated automatically, the order can be processed instantly reducing the order-delivery cycle time. One of the biggest advantage of implementing FieldMax is that the solution reduces time consuming and resource intensive manual processes and eliminates data duplication. The management team of the client can access real time information regarding field performance using the sales dashboards available in FieldMax. The analytical capabilities of the solution can also help the management with decision making and tracking sales against set key performance indicators (KPIs).

FieldMax to streamline automotive lubricant distribution division of a India based business conglomerate

Posted 27 June 2012

A fast growing, India based business conglomerate has signed up for Experion’s sales force automation solution – FieldMax for streamlining its automotive lubricant distribution business. The client services more than 2000 dealers across the country through a team of dedicated  field executives and managers and supplies multiple brands/ grades of automotive lubricants. FieldMax replaces the current fax based order process with its proven mobile application based ordering process.

Field staff uses the FieldMax mobile application loaded on their mobile phones to capture retailer orders and the information is transmitted instantly to the delivery team over GPRS connection. As all the sales orders are available on the web based backend system, the sales management team is able to better track the sales cycle and make informed business decisions. FieldMax also automates the expense management process of the field staff.