FieldMax to help a leading frozen foods supplier in Field Information Management

Posted 05 July 2013

The client is an 82 year old multi-sector business house with interests in Seafood export, Hospitality, Real estate development, Property management and Retail services. They are one of the largest players in frozen seafood business.

One of the key challenges that the client’s sales and operations teams faced was to ensure effectiveness of its supply chain. Dealing with perishable foods with short shelf life, supply chain optimization and real time availability of field information was critical for operations planning and management decision making.

With an objective to maximize sales, get instant information from the field and to streamline product delivery, the client decided to implement a mobile based sales force automation solution. Also, since the retail market was highly disorganized, it was important to get critical analytical reports, identify the market strong holds and weak points and act on it instantaneously.

FieldMax was one among three shortlisted products for mobile based sales force automation solution. Based on its successful track record, richness in product features, customer references, product adaptability, best practices based processes, availability of 24x7 support and need for minimal investments, the client chose to implement FieldMax for its field operations.

Once implemented, the client’s field sales personnel will use the Android based FieldMax Mobile application to capture order details, collection information and competitor intelligence, while on the field. The mobile application will also help sales personnel report expenses, attendance and leave details to the head office. The information saved using the FieldMax Mobile is instantly made available to the sales and operations team using the web based FieldMax Office application. As the sales and order details from various sales personnel and territories are automatically consolidated and made available in real time, the operations team can process orders and schedule deliveries without any delay. The application also delivers analytical reports for the client’s management team to analyze sales performance and to make intelligent decisions based on real time field information.

FieldMax to automate sales order management for a diversified business group based in Nigeria

Posted 11 September 2012

Experion has secured yet another deal to implement its enterprise mobility solution from the African region. Headquartered in Nigeria, the client is a 40 year old, diversified business conglomerate with revenues in excess of 200$ million and employing over three thousand people. The client is involved in manufacturing and distribution of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, agro products and plastic components.

Over the past few years, the client has gained leadership position in the beverages products division by introducing innovation, automation and training in its business processes. To sustain the phenomenal growth it has achieved in recent times, the client was looking to implement a sales order management solution to support its sales and distribution process.

FieldMax has been chosen by the client to harness several business benefits offered by the solution. To keep up with the sales growth, implementation of FieldMax will replace the existing manual processes followed by the field staff and completely streamline the distribution processes. With FieldMax, the sales staff will take orders on the Android powered phones/ tablets instead of the current paper based process. As the order information is transmitted in real time to the backend web application, the operations team gets up-to-the-minute sales demand from the field, enabling optimal distribution planning. As the information flows smoothly through the system without any unnecessary delay, the overall sales and distribution efficiency is enhanced and the delivery time to retail partners are reduced. With the in-depth analytics capabilities offered by the solution, the management team can easily access web based dashboards and KPIs to review the sales performance – by sales person, time period, retailer, region or brand. This will also help the management with quick and intelligent decision making.

FieldMax goes live in Kenya

Posted 21 January 2013

About a month after signing the contract, FieldMax, Experion’s mobile based sales force automation solution, has gone live with a Kenya based business conglomerate. Experion’s implementation team worked closely with the client business team, under a tight schedule, to configure the product, load client specific data and to integrate with SAP (the ERP system used by the client).

FieldMax replaces the manual sales order process followed by the client with an Android based mobile application for front end sales personnel and a web based application for use by the operations team. The data collected from the field flows seamlessly to the FieldMax server and to the SAP backend, thereby completely automating the sales operations. The advanced analytics module in FieldMax also provides powerful BI reports for the client’s management team to plan, track and monitor field operations.

FieldMax gets selected for Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program

Posted 19 July 2013

Samsung Electronics has selected FieldMax, Experion’s enterprise mobility solution for sales force automation, to be included under Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP). As a Silver partner of SEAP, Experion and Samsung will work closely with each other in areas such as solution development, go-to-market strategic planning and sales & marketing for FieldMax.

As part of the partnership, Experion will utilize Samsung Enterprise SDK to further enhance and optimize FieldMax deployed on Samsung devices. By incorporating platform specific Android APIs provided by Samsung, FieldMax solution will provide integrated security, application and hardware management features for enterprises.

seap silver partner

FieldMax chosen by a leading food products brand based in India

Posted 08 May 2013

A leading manufacturer and exporter of Indian spices, powders and processed food products has chosen FieldMax to steer its sales operations. Founded in the mid eighties, the brand of products manufactured by the client is a household name in India & abroad and is known for its superior quality and authentic taste. The products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities, spread across three states in India, equipped with modern machines and superior quality processes.

To propel the company’s growth plans and to track field productivity of its sales force, the client has chosen FieldMax, Experion’s mobile based field sales management solution. FieldMax will be used by the client’s sales officers for reporting daily sales activities. Using the Android version of the FieldMax Mobile application, sales officers will be able to capture customer details and key market information such as product/ in-store campaign visibility and competitor activity details using FieldMax Mobile.

Since field activities are available in real time, the client’s management team can effectively track the sales performance (number of shops visited, new customer acquisitions, etc.) without manual collation and consolidation of data. Market intelligence into in-store and competitor activities, will also help the sales & marketing team to track and proactively take decisions on launching product promotions and marketing campaigns to beat the competition.