Fast growing food products brand selects FieldMax for improving sales productivity

Posted 04 March 2013

One of the leading food products manufacturer based in India has selected Experion’s field sales automation solution FieldMax for improving sales productivity. The client is a market leader with close to 30 years of rich history in manufacturing and marketing of food products such as pickles, jams and sauces. Apart from the Indian market, the products manufactured by the client are exported to more than 25 countries across the globe. Despite operating in the crowded and intensely competitive segment, the client has enjoyed phenomenal growth during the past five years thanks to its continuous investment in state-of-the art technology in manufacturing and marketing.

To propel the next phase of growth and to consolidate its leadership position in the market, the client has identified the need for improving sales productivity as a key focus area. After an extensive evaluation process, the client selected Experion’s field sales automation solution FieldMax to be deployed for pan India operations involving close to 400 field sales users.

FieldMax Mobile, the mobile client application, helps field operatives manage day-to-day activities such as order picking, payment collection, sales returns management and sales intelligence gathering. Information collected from the field are relayed to the distributor offices and the client headquarters in real time. The mobile solution eliminates the need for time consuming paper/ phone based reporting and avoids data duplication and manual errors. Information collected from field is accessed by the each distributor’s operations team using the web based FieldMax Office solution. Since FieldMax Office provides real time information from different sales regions for order processing and delivery scheduling, the overall process efficiency is improved significantly. Field information from different regions/ distributors is automatically consolidated by the system and made available to the client’s sales management team. Critical inputs on secondary sales ensure that the client has complete visibility on sales down its distribution channels. With advanced analytical reports available in FieldMax, the management team also gets powerful business intelligence to react quickly to market demands and make informed business decisions.

Fast growing cleaning solutions manufacturer goes live with FieldMax

Posted 18 May 2012

The FMCG version of FieldMax was successfully implemented for one of the fastest growing cleaning products manufacturing company based out of South India.

The two most important reasons why this consumer products manufacturer chose FieldMax were: its ability to automate and enhance the efficiency of their current order management process. Secondly, it increased cash collections visibility.The customer also saw the benefit of a shorter return on investment by avoiding capital investments. This is because Fieldmax was deployed on the existing mobile devices used by the customer's sales organization and thus avoid expensive hardware upgrades.

Diversified Food Production Company to use FieldMax’s predictive intelligence for maximizing sales through 10000+ retailers

Posted 15 October 2013

The client is a diversified food production company with revenues of over US$ 250 million and 2000 employees. With 30 years history, the client markets its brand of products for diverse verticals. With an aim to double the revenues in the next two years, the client was looking at automating key processes in manufacturing and sales & distribution functions.

The client chose Experion’s mobile sales force automation (mSFA) solution, FieldMax, for its proven track record in the industry. FieldMax has already been deployed for around 100 consumer products manufacturers and distributors. The Android version of FieldMax application will be used by field sales to increase their retailer coverage to over 10000 independent retailers across the target markets.

One of the main objective for the client to deploy FieldMax is to use predictive intelligence provided by the solution to optimize the shelf stock of retailers. FieldMax will make available to the field salesperson, the SKU wise suggested order quantities (MBQ) which is derived from the sales history at the retail outlet. This enables the salesperson to “right size” product wise orders from the retailer.

Apart from a marked improvement in sales productivity and delivery efficiency, the key business benefit provided by FieldMax® is easy availability of critical information for other business functions of the client. For example, the production department can take critical inputs such as order pipeline and seasonal trends from FieldMax to manage production outputs. The finance division will be able to track collection details and receivables to effectively manage the cash flow. Inputs related to sales performance across regions, territories and brands can be used by the sales and management teams to make quick decisions.

About FieldMax
FieldMax ( is the flagship Enterprise Mobility Solution signed up by over 100 manufacturers and distributors to automate their field sales and distribution operations while servicing thousands of retailers. FieldMax customers have reported an average of 12% reduction in field operations costs; an average of 20% increase in retailer coverage which resulted in least 5% to 8% increase in order booking per working day.

About Experion Technologies
Experion Technologies ( is an Enterprise Solutions company and ranked among the fastest growing companies in Asia (Red Herring Top 100 Asia finalist in 2013). A Samsung Silver Partner in Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Experion has implemented its flagship solution for over 100 customers and also delivered over 200 mobile and web apps to small, medium and large Enterprises across Asia, US, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Consumer wellness products manufacturer goes live with FieldMax

Posted 18 May 2012

FieldMax has gone live at a leading consumer products and wellness service provider in the Ayurveda segment in India. The company has strong brand presence in the hair care, skin care, general health care, and slimming products space. It has market leadership in India for Ayurvedic Hair care solutions.

FieldMax was chosen to be implemented to reign in operational efficiencies when managing their sales order management functions.

Business conglomerate based in East Africa chooses FieldMax sales and distribution solution

Posted 22 November 2012

A leading business conglomerate based in East Africa has chosen FieldMax, the mobile based sales and distribution solution from Experion, to streamline its field operations. Headquartered in Kenya, the client is involved in diverse businesses including agriculture, automotive, manufacturing and distribution. FieldMax is expected to play a pivotal role in consolidating the clients market position in the market by streamlining its sales operations. This is the second win for FieldMax in Africa during this quarter. Replacing the existing paper and phone based sales reporting system, implementation of FieldMax will empower the field force of the client to record sales and order information directly on FieldMax Android application installed on their mobile phones. The captured data is transmitted in real time over 3G/ GPRS networks to the FieldMax backend server. FieldMax will also be integrated with the ERP system used by the client to ensure seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure and business processes. By automating the last mile in sales and distribution, the solution minimizes order to execution delays and provides a myriad of BI reports for the management to plan, track and monitor sales operations.