FieldMax® Pharma

FieldMax® Pharma solution ensures the freedom for the pharmaceutical organization to streamline the daily requirements of the field team. With a powerful front end mobile solution, the field team has access to core sales and deal saving critical information on their smartphones and/or Tablets.

Business Benefit:

  • Enhanced productivity with mission critical real-time data
  • Digital data reducing the need for paper collaterals and brochures
  • 360 degree view on historical data of your customer
  • Appointment scheduling and daily call report (DCR)
  • Minimize the lead time for taking critical decision which would decide your sales team's success
  • Reduced paper/ printed stationary usage

Functional Modules:

  • Daily call report
  • Journey plan management
  • Point of Purchase (POP)/Sample/Gift movement
  • Target Vs Actual comparisons
  • Competitor performance tracking
  • Inventory and sales order request
  • Doctor/Chemist/stockist visit planning
  • Attendance and Expense management