FieldMax® Van Sales

Sales process are getting more and more complex. With the sales team and intermediaries getting more and more distributed, managing the team gets further challenging at times. The sales team is also now expected to manage the increasing volume of opportunity, thanks to the changing demand and customer profile he serves to. To win a competitive position your sales team need to be enabled with latest of skills and tools to adapt to new market challenges. FieldMax® assist the sale team with the tools he required to gain this opportunity. FieldMax® Van sales application decongests your business requirements to meet your field sales and invoice generation requirement. In parallel goes the major objective of any sales organisation to make the most out of your customer and sales engagements. Some of the most obvious questions would be:

  • What is my team productivity?
  • What were the productive sales calls today?
  • What was my sales contribution to the overall target?
  • Is there a better way to execute the business transaction?
  • Can I replace my bill books and printed stationary with digital data?
  • Is it possible to show live images and interactive videos for better sales engagements?

FieldMax® Van sales application decongests business requirements to meet your field sales and invoice generation requirements. Custom made to meet the van sales scenario, the sales team uses the mobile application to generate real-time invoice printed using a Bluetooth printer connected to the mobile device.

Business Benefit:

  • Standardized sales processes: Adopting the best practises is a key in successful sales execution and FieldMax® helps to standardize the business process followed across the organisation thus boosting the sales force efficiency and output.
  • Increase return on investment (ROI): FieldMax® SFA ensures the sales team is assisted and provided with maximum and missions critical information for effective sales engagements and successful business closure digitally. The manual process is kept at the minimal at the same time ensuring information reaches the key decision makers at the right time assisting him to take an informed decision. This reduces the chances of error and time loss.
  • Improve point of sale (POS) execution and better store visibility: FieldMax® van sales application provides the ground team with better transaction execution including printing of invoice in real-time using Bluetooth enabled printer which could previously take more than a day of delay for the customer to be supplied with an invoice. This reduces the sales cycle time and improves overall sales.
  • Support customer management: The historical data of the customer along with transaction data and customer profile helps the sales team appropriately classify the customer based on identified parameters. For example, the sales team can decide on the number of times a customer need to be visited based on the business value the customer generates and demographic profile of the customer.
  • Boosting efficiency and seamless customer experience: With information available in real-time across the value chain, a sense of higher accountability and transparency is established promoting a seamless customer experience. Improves collaboration, communication, business insights and information-sharing between sales directors, managers and sales representatives in the field.
  • Day end sales closure and Inventory reconciliation: Inventory reconciliation is an extremely important part of sales cycle closure since the warehouse staff uses it to continually update the accuracy of its inventory records. With the availability of real-time sales and inventory details through FieldMax® the end of the day sales closure and inventory reconciliation becomes hassle free and less time consuming.